January 26th @ Heritage at 6:00 pm

January 27th @ Grace Community at 10:00 am

In November 2006, the Barrick Family was just one mile from their home when a drunk driver slammed head-on into their minivan. Jen Barrick suffered the most life-threatening injuries. Thanks to thousands of prayers ad the miraculous healing hand of God, Jen survived, as did the entire Barrick family.  Jen had severe traumatic brain injury and remained in a coma for five weeks. Little by little, Jen began to recover and miracle after miracle began to unfold.

Even though she couldn't remember that 2+2=4, Jen could remember every Bible verse she had ever memorized and the words of every worship song she had ever sung.  She would talk to God out loud and praise Him continually as if she could see Him standing right beside her in the hospital room. Everyone - even the doctors knew that God was at work.  

Today, Jen still faces daly struggles. Though now legally blind and suffering from chronic pain and fatigue, Jen knows there is no limit to what God can accomplish through her life. Through her ministry, HOPE OUTLOUD, Jen is now speaking at engagements, radio and TV appearances. God has opened many various doors of opportunity for Jen to give hope to millions of wounded people.

Preparing My Heart For Worship

True and genuine worship of God is about joyfully and thankfully making God our priority 7 days a week, not just on Sunday morning. While this is true, there is a special blessing that we enjoy on Sunday mornings because we worship God together with other believers. Worship is about declaring God’s worthiness. It is about Him, not us! We worship Him to be a blessing, not to be blessed. We teach the word of God, we sing the word of God, we pray the word of God and are blessed by the word of God. Come join us Sunday mornings at 10:00 and help us praise our great God.