How do I get Help?

Do you need Hope?

     Life can be full of challenges and disappointments. Some of them, at times, can leave you wondering if there is any end in sight or if there is any hope to get through them.  Perhaps now is one of those times. If you are facing a difficult situation that’s where biblical counseling could help.

What is biblical counseling?

     Biblical counseling uses God’s Word to address all of life’s problems. It is used to provide instruction, correction, encouragement, and hope for each counselee and the situations they are currently facing.

What problems do we address?

     We help people with a wide variety of problems such as marriage counseling, parenting issues, addictions, sexual sins, anger, depression, worry, financial problems as well as many other areas.

What can you expect from us?

     You can expect to be helped by well trained counselors who are dedicated to providing you with Biblical solutions in a compassionate manner. You can also be assured of strict confidentiality except when there is a biblical requirement to involve outside help. 

What will be expected of you?

     We ask three things from all of our counselees. First, we ask you to be completely truthful about your current situation. Second, we ask that you show up on time each week with all of your homework completed. Finally, we ask that you give us enough time to adequately address your problems. Bad habits are often formed over a period of years. Therefore, developing new healthy habits could require several weeks.

What is the cost?

      Grace Community Church and our volunteer counselors provide their services free of charge. However, out of respect for our counseling team we require a $25 deposit which is forfeited for last minute cancellations. If a counselee leaves or graduates from counseling without a cancellation, the deposit will be returned.

How long does the counseling process last? 

     Typically, most counselees will attend weekly sessions for a duration of 10-14 weeks, although some situations might require fewer meetings.

How can I make an appointment?

1) Call Grace Community Church at 740-333-5433 to schedule an appointment with one of our counselors.  

2) Email us at HOPE Ministries with your request (

3) Fill out the completed forms below and mail to:

          Grace Community Church

          % HOPE Ministries

          PO Box 503 - 525 Glenn Ave

          Washington CH, OH, 43140

Counseling Forms

     Please click on the counseling forms below to download the counseling forms.

Note that if you are requesting marriage counseling that both the husband and wife need to fill out the forms. Counseling Forms - Personal Data Information (PDI)