UPDATE  ... April 3rd

April 3rd, 2020


Dear Grace Community Family,

Sunday is Palm Sunday and we have a very special and somewhat unusual sermon to share with you.  We will look at Matthew 24 and see what Jesus said in the final week of His life about the coming Tribulation.  The sermon notes are a bit more detailed than usual and you can obtain them by clicking on the link below.  It might help you to download and copy them ahead of time so you can watch the sermon, or just listen to the audio and follow the notes as you listen. I am not a "prophet", but I believe there is strong evidence that the Lord's return for His church might be near.  This study is meant to give you hope, but it will stretch your faith too. Please share it with others, especially those who need the gospel.                           Grace To You .... Pastor Jay

CLICK HERE for Sermon Notes for April 5, 2020

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