We are excited to announce that after the morning service on November  22nd, Rev Mike Spencer will be staying to conduct a lively interactive worship in the Cafe to help Christians know how to speak to our culture in defense of the preborn.  Mike is a wonderful teacher who will show how easy it is to overcome the abortion arguments with compassionate truth.

Mike was the keynote speaker at this year's LIFE Pregnancy Center Event and everyone who heard him was deeply moved by the power of his message and the compassion of his heart.

Mike is the founder and the president of Project Life-Voice, a gospel driven human rights organization that equips Christians to speak effectively on behalf of the most vulnerable and at risk segment of the population - the preborn.

Mike was a pastor for many years before God called him to a new type of ministry. He regularly speaks at churches, colleges and high schools. He is especially burdened to comfort women who have been hurt by the choice of abortion.