REVIVE OHIO: Fayette County

OUR VISION:  To see the body of Christ revived by making disciples to

impact cities and transform the nation.

Time to Revive, the ministry behind Revive OHIO, has traveled to 13 states since 2007, uniting the Church and equipping the saints to share the Gospel and make disciples, Time To Revive is actively equipping the saints for Jesus' return by uniting and praying alongside believers for personal and corporate revival, and training them to boldly declare Jesus in their communities  We believe that when the Church starts living and declaring the pure message of the Gospel in unity, a city, and even a nation can be revived for His glory (John 17:23).

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Written Testimonies from our Revive Ohio Week

  • Tammie Brigner's Testimony

    This is a testimony of how much God loves us and the lengths He goes to in order to redeem and restore us. And how He will use (and bless/encourage) us believers when we make ourselves available.

    During Revive Ohio week I met a couple who has been struggling with some very serious health concerns. They both seemed overwhelmed with emotion at the idea of someone wanting to pray with them the day before the husband was to have a heart cath. They both were very open and receptive to the Gospel of Christ. After praying  and putting their lives into Christ's hands, we parted ways. I finished out the day in evening worship and rejoicing as several new believers were baptized.

    A group of faithful servants decided to keep Revive Ohio going on the Saturday afterwards. My daughter and I decided to join with them in the  morning only. But God had other plans. The icy weather kept us at home that morning so we joined the teams for the afternoon. My group ended up at one of the nursing homes where I met a lady who asked for prayer for her grandson. She was wanting him to be reconciled with is two young son...her great grandsons. After a time of conversation about her grandson, I learned that she had pretty much raised him after his parents had abandoned him. I also realized that he was one of the new believers who was baptized at the Revive Ohio evening service! What a time of rejoicing I had with this sweet little grandmother as we talked about that event and how it would change her grandson's life.

    I got to meet that sweet little grandmother's grandson at church on Sunday morning and share with him how I had met his grandmother and how she and I were continuing to pray for him. God didn't stop there though. Shortly after meeting the grandson, I discovered that the couple I shared the Gospel of Christ and had prayed with a few days earlier, was his mother and step-father!

    I didn't know of any of these connections as I went about Fayette County last week, but God did. It is humbling how He allowed me to have a small part in what He is doing in the lives of that family. Those four people that I met on three separate occasions have now been connected in my brain and in my prayers. Our Great God didn't just want to save and offer comfort to a couple with serious health problems, or save a young man and lift him out of addiction and put him on a path to recovery, or offer encouragement to a little old grandmother who wants her grandson reconciled with his sons. HE - wants to restore whole families! How awesome is our God!

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