Grace Ladies


This winter/spring we would like to try something a little different.  We invite you to participate in a study of the book "A Lineage of Grace" by Francine Rivers. The book is 5 fictional novellas, chronicling the backgrounds and struggles of women in the family tree of Jesus - Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary.  Along with each novella is a Bible Study for us to reflect on what the Bible has to say about each woman. 

A disclaimer:  The book is a work of fiction. It does not in any way contradict Scripture, but it does add details and storylines to what's included in the Bible. 

We found that reading these stories help to put flesh and bone on these women, who are just like us and give us an appreciation for God's heart for women throughout the Scripture.

We encourage you to do the attached Bible studies (called Seek and Find) in addition to reading the book as it will make the Scriptures come alive in meaningful ways.

We'd like to offer three different formats for

the book study:

* INDEPENDENT STUDY  ... Read through the book and study on your own.  

You may choose to give feedback about the study via email at the

* PARTNER STUDY ... You form your own group of friends, family, co-workers or neighbors to read the book and complete the study questions at your own pace.

* GROUP STUDY ... Attend meetings to discuss the book and Bible study.  The meetings will be held online on Zoom or you may attend in person at The Cafe. 

DATES for Group Study  

(Same for online & in The Cafe)

* Tuesday, February 9 ... Kickoff and Noella 1 (Tamar)

* Tuesday, March 9 ... Novella 2 & 3  (Rahab and Ruth)

*Tuesday, April 13 ... Novella 4 & 5 (Bathsheba and Mary) 

If you are interested in participating please call the church office at 740.333.5433 or email  the leadership team at

Prayer Groups

      Our Prayer Teams are groups of six to twelve women who meet monthly to pray together for their families and their own personal needs. Most groups have texting, Facebook or email connections where they share their requests throughout the week. Nearly 70 women are involved in these groups. 

       If you are interested in being a part of a prayer group please reach out to Colleen Coole, Jen Pitstick, Shelley Denney, Sarah Gilchrist or fill put the connect form and mark the area and you will be contacted.